The consortium of Wrocław Center for Biotechnology has received the status of the Leading National Research Center (KNOW) for the years 2014-2018. The interdisciplinary nature of the consortium enables comprehensive and wide spectrum of scientific research enforcement and implementation (“from idea to industry”). The involvement of all consortium representatives allows to perform complex scientific research in the range of biotechnology, chemistry, immunology and biomedicine, medicine and veterinary as well as food and nutrition sciences. Strict cooperation of consortium partners ensures synergism of activities, added value achievement which is essential in order to ensure high effectiveness of an application of basic research results in new technologies creation and knowledge transfer to industry.



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KNOW status achieving will enable the Wroclaw Center for Biotechnology:

  • Research on molecular mechanisms of pathogenesis.
  • Research on molecular markers of selected diseases.
  • Construction of new diagnostic systems.
  • Design, synthesis and preliminary biological research on potential drugs.
  • Application of renewable substrates of microbiological, plant and animal origin in production of biopreparations aimed at civilization diseases prevention.
  • Construction of transport forms of drugs.
  • Monitoring of food production chain.
  • Screening, preclinical and clinical research.
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